Association By-Laws



This body shall be known as The New Hope Missionary Baptist Association.


The purpose of this body shall be as follows:

1. To promote unity among the churches, ministers and deacons affiliated with this body.

2. To seek the welfare of all the affiliated churches.

3. To promote Christian Education and service at home and abroad.

4. To stimulate Christian Intelligence in human welfare.


Meeting and Membership

Section 1. This association shall meet annually with Auxiliaries in regular session after the third (3rd) Sunday in July. The opening session will be held on Monday night and closing session on Thursday or Friday of the same week, with the Communion of the Lord’s Supper held on Thursday night. A Mid-Year Session shall be held the first (1st) Saturday in December. Special sessions may be called by the Executive Board at such place and time agreed upon by the Board.

Section 2. This association shall be composed of Missionary Baptist Churches in good and regular standing and in full practice of Baptist doctrine, polity, faith, discipline, and ordinances of the Missionary Baptist Association and denomination.

Section 3. Each church shall send messengers with a letter certifying their appointments and statistical information that the Executive Board may require. The messengers shall sit only as Advisory Council and not infringe on the rights of member churches.

Section 4. Any church of this Association failing to represent at two consecutive Annual Meetings, shall be contacted by a committee appointed by the Association to investigate and report to the body.

Section 5. The Association assumes the authority to withdraw from any church that knowingly and willingly departs from the orthodox teachings of the Bible and held by Missionary Baptists’ infractions on the Constitution after careful study, investigation and deliberation.

Section 6. Missionary Baptist Churches, upon application for admission to membership, shall be reviewed and if found satisfactory, their messengers shall be seated.

Section 7. No church internal difficulties or between churches shall be heard by the Association until every effort has been made to settle outside the body. The Association must be invited to enter into difficulty and only in an advisory position.


General Officers

Section 1. The Officers of this Association shall be: Moderator and four(4) Vice Moderators, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Coordinator, Chairman of Ordaining Council/Catechist, Parliamentarian, Auditor, Statistician, and Historian.

Section 2. The duties of the Officers shall be as follows:


The Moderator shall (1) preside, (2) set meeting agenda, (3) maintain order, (4) appoint committees with the body’s permission, (5) preside at Executive Board Meetings, (6) represent body at all designated meetings except when the body makes appointments, with his expenses paid by the body, (7) appoint committee on officers as necessary, and (8) project and offer recommendations to promote, develop, and improve the Association.

1st Vice Moderator: To preside in absence or pleasure of Moderator; to be chairman of one of the four (4) Districts.

2nd Vice Moderator: To preside in sequence of absence or pleasure of Moderator; to be chairman of one of the four (4) Districts.

3rd Vice Moderator: To preside in sequence of absence or pleasure of Moderator; to be chairman of one the four (4) Districts.

4th Vice Moderator: To preside in sequence of absence or pleasure of Moderator; to be chairman of one of the four (4) Districts.


a. To record minutes of Annual and Mid-Year Sessions and submit in typed form to the New Hope Coordinator within ninety (90) days.

b. To be responsible for all correspondence.

c. To record minutes of the Executive Board.

d. To work with the Moderator in planning all programs and agenda.


Assistant Secretary:

1. To assist the Secretary when asked.

2. To be responsible for enrollment at each session.



1. Receive all money from Finance Committee and deposit to the Association’s account.

2. To sign all checks with the Moderator.

3. To pay all bills ten (10) days after receiving bill.

4. To prepare annual financial report.

5. The Treasurer is to be bonded by the Association.



1. To audit books of the Association.



1. To coordinate the work of the four (4) Districts.

2. To coordinate the work of all auxiliaries.

3. To compile information for the newsletter.

4. To report at Annual and Mid-Year Sessions.


Chairman of Ordaining Council/Catechist:

1. Shall examine candidates submitted by affiliate churches professing the “call” to the Gospel Ministry of Jesus Christ.

2. To report at Annual and Mid-Year Sessions.



1. To give direction for Parliamentary procedure.

2. To give instructions in policy when requested by the Moderator.



1. To receive all letters sent by messengers from Churches.

2. To compile all data including Church Report and Registration Forms of Churches and present to Coordinator to list in annual minutes.



1. To keep history up to date.

2. To keep history on file in Coordinator’s office.


Section 3: Election and Service:

1. The Moderator shall not serve more than four (4) years with election being held every four (4) years. He shall be out of office one year before qualifying for re-election.

2. All officers shall be elected every four (4) years.



The Executive Board


Section 1. There shall be an Executive Board composed of the following: Moderator and all Vice Moderators, Secretary, Parliamentarian, Treasurer, Auditor, resident or designee from each auxiliary, Chairman of the Ordaining Council/Catechist, Coordinator and Historian.


Section 2. The term of office shall be four (4) years. Each member may be re-elected to the Board unless prohibited elsewhere in the Constitution.

1. The outgoing Moderator may serve four (4) years on the Board.

2. There shall be three (3) at-large members on the Board and each shall serve four (4) years.


Section 3. The Chairman of the Executive Board shall be the Moderator.

1. He shall call all meetings.

a. The Board shall meet quarterly.


Section 4. Nine (9) members at the Boards shall constitute a quorum. The Board shall possess this authority:

1. Act as an advisory Board to the Association.

2. Shall have charge of affairs of the Association between sessions.

3. May call special sessions of the Association.

4. May make recommendations for policy of growth of the Association.

5. Shall determine general plans for each succeeding meeting.





Ordaining Council


1. The Association shall have an Ordaining Council comprised of a Chairman/Catechist and seven (7) ordained ministers belonging to the Association. The Council shall, with the Chairman/Catechist, examine applicants for the Gospel Ministry and shall be a continuing Council to serve churches affiliated with the Association.


Section 2. No minister shall be ordained by the Association unless he/she meets the requirements of the Council.


Section 3. The Council shall prepare the examination based on standards in operation in state and national Missionary Baptists bodies. The required score shall be determined by them.


Section 4. Ministers examined and ordained by other Missionary Baptist bodies shall be recognized and accepted by this Association upon the presentation of their credentials at the next official Association Meeting.




Section 1. All committees shall be composed of messengers officially sent by member churches.


Section 2. The Executive Board/Budget Committee is responsible for preparing a working budget annually. This budget is to be presented for approval by the body at its annual session.


Section 3. All expenditures made by this Association shall be in keeping with the approved budget except by special vote of the assembled messengers in general session.


Section 4. All committee reports shall be written and turned over to the Recording Secretary upon approval of the body for records.


Section 5. This Association may appoint or authorize the appointment of any committee it deems necessary to facilitate the business transactions of the meeting.


Section 6. The Committee on banking and finance may receive an account for all money received by the Association and turn over the same to the Treasurer for deposit.


Section 7. There shall be a committee on religious education that shall plan and promote Christian Education for the whole Association.





The original Article VIII was entitled “The New Hope Press.” This title has been eliminated in this revision because the functions of the New Hope Press are performed by the Coordinator. Article VIII is now entitled “Auxiliaries.”



Section 1. The Auxiliaries of this Association shall be: The Union, The Convention Choir, The Woman’s Auxiliary, The Congress of Christian Education, The Laymen’s League and The Ushers’ Auxiliary. Each of their purposes shall be detailed in their by-laws.


Section 2. Each of the Auxiliaries shall have officers as defined in their by-laws.


Section 3. Each of the Auxiliaries shall have their by-laws printed in the Annual Year Book of the New Hope Association.




Section 1. The Constitution may be amended at any session of the Association after the proper consideration and deliberation by two-thirds vote of the messengers of the churches in attendance. Each amendment shall be given a name and a number to be attached to the Constitution. The Secretary will provide the Coordinator with such information to be attached to the printed minutes.


Section 2. This Constitution shall be read for clarity in the sessions that elections are made.


Section 3. This Constitution shall be ratified when upon due consideration and deliberation by a majority of the messengers then in attendance.


(Revised 07/2005)









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